Staff & Board

Habitat Staff

Ed Blake, CEO

Carin Crowe, Sr. Director of Operations 

David Cannon, Controller 

Jeff  Copeland, Construction Manager 

Kate Nielsen, Construction Field Operations Director 

Kandace Diggs, Director of Family Services 

Kathryn Webb, Special Events and Volunteer Services Manager

Kimberlin Correa, Marketing and Development Specialist

Randy Jepperson, Program Specialist

ReStore Staff

Alan Jacobson, Manager 

Layne Burrows, Assistant Manager 

Angelina Valdez, Lead Associate

Terra Holayter, Cashier

Liliana Lopez, Cashier

Michelle Santiago, Cashier

Laura Young, Cashier

Blaine Burr, Dock Supervisor/Warehouse

Abukar Mustafa, Warehouse Tech

Conner Nielsen, Warehouse Tech

Logan May, Driver

Austin Crowe, Driver


Board of Directors


Andy Brown, President, Finance Committee Chair

Chris Towson, Vice-president, Critical Home Repair Program Committee Chair

Tiffiney Peterson, Treasurer, Finance Committee

Alec Bocock, Secretary, Development Committee

Board Members

Jason Castor, Development Committee

Mike Christensen, Real Estate Committee

Connie Elliott, Development Committee

Jeff Fillmore, Development Committee

Landon Hardcastle, Development Committee

Charles Henderson, Critical Home Repair Program Committee

Elaine Schlehuber, Past President, Family Services Committee Chair

Russ Wall, Real Estate Committee

Mary Wallace Frey, Finance Committee

Shannon Youngblood, Special Events Committee