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Our Eco-Community in Kearns represents an important innovation on our model, putting families in housing that they can afford, while also creating more sustainability for the families and our environment.

Requiring only $1.50/day to heat and air condition, the Eco-Community homes support a future that we can all benefit from.

Featured Project: Eco-Community
Gene Chun Home Build

Through Gene’s 37 year career with Delta Airlines he was introduced to Habitat for Humanity and volunteered on his first build in Salt Lake City, Utah during 1998. That’s when he first got hooked, and continued his work with Habitat until his passing in November 2015.

Featured Project: Gene Chun Home Build
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people in the Salt Lake Valley live in one of 97 Habitat homes


homes repaired since 2012 helping 508 people of which 181 are children


volunteers annually assist Habitat to build homes and support our work


We empower Salt Lake County residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance their quality of life.


Working closely other local nonprofits, we assist dozens of families through our transitional living program.


Repairs range from energy efficiency upgrades to critical home repairs to make homes cleaner and safer to live in.

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The Sheya Family
The Sheya Family

"They work to carve out the best life they can with the hand they have been dealt."

Habitat Success Stories
The Demeke Family
The Demeke Family

"I am forever grateful for this wonderful organization."

Habitat Success Stories
The Lopez Family
The Lopez Family

"Now that we have a home my boys can finally have a pet."

Habitat Success Stories
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